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Welcome to Diji Farm

We began our little farm in 2007 with 2 wethers and a pregnant doe, and the rest is history!  

These little goats (average around 21” tall) are great dairy goats, producing wonderfully sweet, rich milk.  They are easy to keep and in addition to being excellent dairy goats, they make great 4h projects and fun pets.  

Our herd participates in both the Dairy Herd Improvement program (DHI) the ADGA Linear Appraisal program as we are always striving to improve in conformation and production.  Although many enjoy the different colors these little goats come in, we do not focus on color, blue eyes or the polled trait, but rather structure and soundness.

We enjoy showing our goats, and making cheese and soaps with the milk they provide us.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy our little farm and goats as much as we do!

2016 ADGA Linear Appraisal Scores:

EEEE90 Diji FT Everything Glorious 2*M  (permanent) - 7 yr 6th freshening

VVEV88 Diji Farm FC Lil’ Ms Sumpn’ 3*M  4 yr 3rd freshening

EVVV89 Diji Farm SGW Cinderella  4 yr 4th freshening

EEE91 Proctor Hill AB Bayliner

EEEE91 Diji Farm Pal Rock-A-Bye  3 yr 2nd freshening

VVVE88 Diji Farm SGW Greta Garbo  3 yr 2nd freshening

VVVV86 Diji Farm Pal Calalilly  3 yr 2nd freshening

EVV89 Buttin’Heads Pantoliano

VEV88 Pippin Hill FC Main Title

VVVV87 Franke Farm MT Night Sky  2 yr, 2nd freshening

VEV87 Diji Farm BW Glacier Bay

++++82 Diji Farm BL Iris  2 yr, 1st freshening

++++84 Diji Farm PU Flirtini  2 yr 1st freshening

+VV84 Diji Farm Pal’s Ruger

VVV V Diji Farm CJS Sadie Goat  young stock

VV+ V Diji Farm M Anna Cristie  young stock

VVV V Diji Farm PU Lil’ Ms D-Vyne  young stock

2015 ADGA Linear Appraisal Scores:

VEEV89 Diji Farm FC Song's Rose - 3 yr 2nd freshening

+EVV86 Diji Farm C Caramel Latte - 3 yr 2nd freshening

EEEV90 Diji Farm FC Lil' Ms Sumpn' 3*M - 3 yr 2nd freshening

VEEV88 Diji Farm SGW Cinderella - 3 yr 3rd freshening

VEVV89 Diji Farm Snap's Dble Supreme 3*M - 3 yr 2nd freshening

VVVV89 Diji Farm SD Belle Star 3*M (pending) - 3 yr 3rd freshening

VEVE88 Diji Farm FC Olive That 3*M - 3 yr 2nd freshening

VEEE90 Diji Farm Pal's Runaway Bryde - 2 yr 2nd freshening

VVVV89 Diji Farm Pal Rock-A-Bye - 2 yr 1st freshening

VEVV87 Diji Farm T Sophia - 2 yr 1st freshening

VEVV88 Diji Farm Pal Calalilly - 2 yr 1st freshening

VVVV87 Diji Farm Pal Reaghan - 2 yr 1st freshening

VVVV87 Diji Farm SGW Greta Garbo - 2 yr 1st freshening

VVV+85 Lukalah Farm UP Barolo Gold - - 2 yr 2nd freshening

VV+V85 Franke Farm MT Night Sky - 1 yr 1st freshening

AV+V82 Diji Farm MT Ariel - 1 yr 1st freshening

+V++82 Breeze Caprines BL Frannie - 1 yr 1st freshening

+++82 Diji Farm Pal Ruger - yearling buck

VVV V Diji Farm BL Emma - dry yearling

EcEcV Ec Diji Farm BL Bay Song, dry yearling

VEcV V Diji Farm BL Iris, dry yearling