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Welcome to Diji Farm

We started our little goat farm in 2007, when we purchased our first bred Nigerian Dwarf doe, SG Sugar Pine SB American Glory and two wethers. Glory gave us our delightful SG Caprikodas Diji's Ms Kitty and we've been hooked ever since. We've since sold the wethers and moved onto raising these wonderful little goats that have a tendency to steal your heart. Ms Glory retired in 2012 to a wonderful home where she continues to be herd queen and can hang with other goats and be happy, fat and sassy!. 2013 saw the arrival of our first two registered lamancha does, purebred Running T Lucy and registered grade Son*Sational PTO Godiva. We will be venuturing into mini-lamanchas in the near future - watch for kids coming this spring!

In 2012 welcomed SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony EEE90 to our farm. Pal comes from Ohio and is the son of GCH Buttin'Heads Wedding Song EEEE91. He lives at Diji Farm and is co-owned with Blythmoor Farm. Such a wonderful, easy going boy! Now if he would only stop peeing on his face - yes - his face, not just his beard! Silly boy -- but oh what a sweet, easy to handle boy! He has made some wonderful improvements to our girls with width and levelness, and we cannot wait to freshen them next year - truly a wonderful purchase.

Thanks for stopping by, come on in and take a look around.

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